Whirlpool looking to increase student attendance with Care Counts Program


“When we learned that child’s education could be at risk because they do not have access to clean clothes, we were determined to help,” said Whirlpool brand manager Chelsey Lindstrom. “It’s incredible to see how the simple act of laundry can have such a profound impact on student’s lives and we are excited to bring this resource to even more schools across the country.”

You probably don’t think much about putting on fresh clothes in the morning before you head to work – but for many young Americans, having clean clothes is a luxury. Students who do not have access to clean clothes may feel embarrassed so they would skip class. Based on this insight, Whirlpool started the Care Count’s initiative to improve the attendance of students in these types of situations.

Whirlpool recently ended a trial run of the program across 17 schools and found that students who participated in the program increased their attendance by at least ninety percent, just around 6 more full days of school than the previous year. Compare that number to at risk students who were categorized as having missed at least ten or more days the previous year, the children in this area who participated in the program averaged around 2 more full weeks of school than the year before. Teachers involved with students in the program also reported increased grades and motivation among the students.

After the first year was completed and over 2000 loads of laundry were finished, the program helped student’s families wash nearly 50 loads per participant. The program is looking to expand to at least 5 more districts in the 2016-2017 school years. A simple load of laundry can really make an impact on someone’s life, to learn more about the initiative or if you’re interested in making a contribution you can learn more about Care Counts here

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