How Cleaning Your Lint Filter Can Help Your Wallet And Your Safety


Many times out of habit when tossing our clothes in the dryer  we forget about one of the most important steps of starting the drying cycle, CLEANING THE LINT SCREEN! Though this may seem like a tedious step to add or remember to do before starting our drying cycle, forgetting to do so can hurt both our wallets and potentially our safety.


How It Can Hurt Our Wallet:
When we don’t clean our lint filters, lint builds up in the vent trap. Overtime this cause the dryer to have to work much harder to do its job. The dryer has to heat to a higher temperature and it causes the drying cycle to take longer than it normally should. The higher temperature and the longer cycles can cause the dryer to be less efficient which means that the electric bill will be higher!

How It Can Be Potentially Unsafe:
When we forget to clean our lint traps, lint and other dirt fragments start building up in the dryer vent. The buildup of lint and dirt fragments cause the flow of air to the dryer to be reduced which then backs up the dryer exhaust gases. This can causes a fire hazard.  According to the U.S Fire Administration there are a total of 2,900 clothing dryer fires every single year and 34% of these fires are cause by not cleaning them!

So next time you are doing your laundry take an extra minute and clean your lint screen! All you have to do is pull the lint trap out remove all of the lint from the screen and push it back into place. It is also smart to vacuum out the vent trap that the lint screen is located in every few months or so depending on how often you use your dryer to rid any build up that may have escaped the lint trap.

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