Wait, My Dishwasher Can Do That?


Dishwashers are already an amazing appliance, they get rid of one of the most annoying chores, cleaning the dishes! However, you may not be using your dishwasher to its full potential. Dishwashers can be used for many things that you may never have imagined. Here are 5 unexpected things you can use your dishwasher for.

10427348 - cartoon of housewife relaxing from kitchen chores

1.)Your flip flops and baseball caps can look as good as new again! Just take your flip flops or baseball caps and place them on the top rack of the dishwasher, toss a little baking soda on them and run them through a cycle. When you take them out they’ll look like you just brought them back from the store.

2.)Your dishwasher can make your other appliances more efficient! By taking the dryer filter or the vent above your oven and washing them through a cycle it can free them of any residue you may have missed, which in turn causes them to work more efficiently.

3.)Want to keep your food warm but there is no room in the oven? No worries your dishwasher can work as a warming oven. Just place your food inside and select the “heat/dry cycle, no water” and you have yourself a warming oven!

4.)Cook foods like veggies, lasagna, and even salmon! This may seem crazy but it’s true, just take your selected food and wrap it tightly in tin foil then run it through an entire cycle including drying (without soap). Then when the cycle is finished Bon Appétit!

5.)Soccer balls, footballs, tennis rackets, and other sports gear that doesn’t work with a spin cycle or is too large for the washing machine can be cleaned by running them through the dishwasher!


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