Product Pick of the Week: Door Handles


Whether it be on the fridge, the oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer, or even the microwave Door Handles get a lot of use.  Everyday we pull, and pull, and pull on them again expecting the appliance to open and just about every time they deliver.

Without this one tough and simple part, we wouldn’t be able to access our appliances with ease which is why we’ve made Door Handles our Product Pick of the Week.

Not only are Handles functional, they can also completely change the look of your appliance.  Simply swapping out an old cracked, stained, or broken handle or even just applying a bit of touch up paint to cover a scratch or chip (find out how here) can make a well worn appliance seem brand new again.

The best part is that most Door Handles are fairly easy to replace, even for the DIY newcomer.  You shouldn’t need very many tools, and for most appliances all you have to do is remove a few screws and possibly a panel or trim piece to access the Door Handle.

Always consult your owner’s manual & disconnect the power before attempting to repair any appliance and be sure that you have the correct Door Handle for your specific appliance model.  Check out the links below to find the OEM replacement Door Handle you need for your appliance:

Not sure what part you need for your appliance?  No problem.  You can search for the parts you need on our website using your model number or if you have any trouble you can also call or chat with our Parts Experts or even stop by one of our stores and we’d be more than happy to help you get what you need!

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Written by: Sarah Walker

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