How to Ensure Your Range is Ready for Fall Baking


33190934 - african woman cleaning stove in the modern kitchen

Now that summer has come to an end, everyone is starting to bake their fall favorites. Whether you enjoy apple crisp, pumpkin pie, or Sunday sauce, it is important to make sure your oven and stove-top are ready to go. Performing some maintenance on your range for this fall season will ensure you have no problems meeting all of your cooking and baking needs! Below are a few steps to properly clean and maintain this appliance.

  1. Use a mixture of dish soap and hot water to clean grates on gas ranges and interior oven racks. Let everything soak for 20 minutes and use a sponge to wipe clean.
  2. Wash burner holes on gas stoves too with this mixture, and then unclog them using a wire brush.
  3. Disinfect the stove-top using a mixture of vinegar and hot water. You can put this solution into a spray bottle to make application easier.
  4. Create a paste with cream of tartar and water to get rid of rust stains on stove-tops. Treat this process like waxing a car to ensure easy removal.
  5. Clean the range hood fan and filter using a mixture of ammonia and water in order to remove all of the grease and moisture that have built up over time. Some filters, however, are unable to be cleaned and must be replaced on a regular basis to eliminate buildup.
  6. Vacuum or wipe out all crumbs inside of the oven.
  7. Re-use the mixture of vinegar and hot water to clean the oven door window. Remove the window in order to clean it more effectively.
  8. Let the oven heat to 150°F and then turn it off. Place a bowl of ammonia inside and let it sit overnight. Allow the oven to air out and use a mixture of ammonia and diluted dish soap to wipe the interior of the oven clean. If you have a gas oven, make sure to turn out the pilot lights and turn the gas off before doing
  9. Put everything back into place and admire your hard work!

Not only will these steps give your range a fresh cleaning, but they will prevent grease fires and increase its overall efficiency as well. This means lower energy bills and even tastier food! Happy baking!

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