Product Pick of the Week: Dryer Timers


Dryers: we’re all pretty familiar with them.  For decades, they’ve helped to make laundry a little bit easier, saving us the hassle of having to line dry everything and speeding things up so we can have our warm fluffy towels, dry clothes, blankets, and more sooner.

We turn the knob, push start and expect it to handle the rest.  But how does the dryer know just what to do?  Part of this is thanks to the Dryer Timer, a key player when it comes to managing the different cycles, which is why they’re this week’s Product Pick.

Once you’ve picked which setting and cycle you’d like your dryer to run with the selection knobs, the Timer Assembly takes over.  You might not know it, but there’s more to your dryer’s Timer than just that big knob on the control panel.

wp33002803_1The Timer is typically an assembly made up of a small motor and cams.  When you turn the selection knob on the motor shaft, it switches contacts on and off in your dryer.

This sends signals to a number of components in your dryer, most importantly to the drive motor and heating element.  These signals let the dryer know when and how fast to tumble, how long to stay a certain temperature, and more depending on the point of the cycle it’s at.

There are 2 common signs that your Dryer’s Timer may be damaged:

The Timer Won’t Advance – If the timer won’t advance on its own, but the functions of the dryer still work if you advance it by hand it’s likely that there’s a problem with the Timer Motor.  Most of the time the Timer and Motor are sold as one assembly so the entire thing will have to be replaced.

To see if this is really the problem, start by unplugging the dryer and locating the Timer Assembly.  You can typically access the Timer Assembly by removing the back panel of the dryer.  Disconnect it and try testing for continuity.  If the reading doesn’t match the recommendation in the owner’s manual, you’ll need to replace it.

The Dryer Won’t Turn Off – If your dryer continues to run long after it should have shut off, this could also be a sign that the Timer has been damaged and needs to be replaced.  This is often caused by the contacts getting stuck closed, but could also be caused by the Timer Motor failing.  Again, unplug the dryer check the part and contacts for continuity.  If the reading doesn’t match the recommended, you’ll have to replace it.

If you can advance the Timer by hand and the functions still aren’t working properly or your Timer won’t advance because the dryer isn’t heating right, you’ve most likely got a different issue.  This could be something as simple as a blown fuse, but also could require replacing the Heating Element.

The good news is that you can find all of these parts and more for your specific model right on our website and many will ship out the day you order them.  Not sure where to find your model number?  Try using our model number locator, giving us a call, or stopping by a store near you and we’d be more than happy to help you!

We hope you found this post helpful.  If you did, be sure to like and share it with a friend.  If you’d like to see our past picks, you can find all of them here.  And as always, feel free to leave us any questions, comments, or recommendations for future picks for us below!

Written by: Sarah Walker

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