Product Pick of the Week: Crevice Wand


Cleaning your appliances may seem like a hassle, but if you have the right tools it doesn’t have to be.  What’s even better is when you can find a multipurpose tool.  One item that we think you should definitely have in your home is a Crevice Wand Attachment for your vacuum cleaner, and that’s why we’ve made them our Pick of the Week.

We know that cleaning in and around your appliances can be tricky.  They can be difficult to move, are usually against a wall, and are full of small spaces that can collect dirt, dust, and debris.  That’s where the Crevice Wand or Tool comes in.

Getting into those narrow, hard to reach areas isn’t a problem anymore especially if you have a longer Crevice Wand or combine your Crevice Tool with an extension wand.  Here are just a few examples of what you can do with this type of tool:

  • Dryer – Lint and dust buildup is a fire hazard, which is why cleaning is so important. A Crevice Wand is great for cleaning the Lint Trap, Venting, Interior, and even just behind and around the appliance.
  • Refrigerator – This attachment is great for cleaning the grill and underneath, behind, and on top of the fridge.  It can also be used to help clean the coils
  • Air Registers & Vents – To make the most of your A/C or heating system, cleaning the registers and vents is a must and with the help of a crevice tool it’s much easier to get into those tight spaces.

But this tool doesn’t have to just be used for your appliances.  You can also use a crevice tool or wand to clear out the dust bunnies hiding under your furniture, for cleaning curtains, on top of cupboards, along the baseboards, corners of ceilings, and other areas your vacuum can’t normally get to.

We hope you found this helpful. If you did be sure to like and share it with a friend.  You can find Crevice Wands and other Vacuum Attachments for your model on our website.  Have a question or maybe an additional tip? Leave them for us in the comments!

Written by: Sarah Walker

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