Not Only Is My Phone Smart, But My Appliances Can Be Too?



Although smart appliances were introduced a few years back, a lot of people are still not well informed about them because of the price or the availability of these appliances. Appliances such as these have a life span on average of 5, 10 or sometimes even 15 years if you keep up on maintenance. With just a simple app download, these technology advancements have appliances from General Electric, Whirlpool, Samsung and LG doing things your old household appliances could never have imagined.


Have you ever gone grocery shopping and left your list at home? This could no longer be an issue with the ability to check the contents of your fridge right from your phone. Monitoring and adjusting the temperature of your refrigerator can easily be done as well, right from your fingertips. Your refrigerator is also able to send your phone alerts when the filter needs to be replaced or if you accidentally left one of the doors open – no more freezer burn.


If you ever rush home to make dinner on time or forget to turn the stove off, then a stove with integrated technology may be something you want to consider purchasing. One of the many features of an oven with this technology is the ability to pre-heat it, even if you’re not home; cut time out of your cooking routine before you even leave the office. Didn’t set the temperature right the first time? No worries, you can change that too!

Washers and Dryers

Do you ever put your clothes in the washer and completely forget to put the load in the dryer, causing you to have to wash them again? With smart appliances, you can be alerted once cycles have completed. The ability to monitor the amount of time remaining is a feature of these appliances as well. Who knew laundry could be this easy!


Do your dishes not always come out of the dishwasher with a sparkle? Maybe the drain was clogged, but you didn’t know until after the cycle. Now apps can notify you if this is the case so you don’t have to waste water running another load. You can also monitor your dishwasher’s cycle time.

It’s remarkable where technology is taking the household appliance industry and how it is able to make our lives that much easier and hassle-free. It also helps that a lot of these new updates are energy efficient as well. Many of these technologies do require a smart phone since many of these features rely on an app to notify you. We also advise keeping up on maintenance because future repairs on these machines will be more costly. If you are looking for a more integrated and connected home, make sure to keep these smart appliances in mind as you start looking for a new washer or range.

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