Spooky Stories II | 5 More Busted Appliance Myths


To help get into the Halloween spirit we thought we’d bring back Spooky Stories and bust a few more appliance myths.  What makes them so scary you ask?  For starters, many of them are commonly mistaken for truths.  But what’s even scarier is that these myths can potentially put you and your wallet at risk.

1. Turning Up the Heat Warms Your Home Faster

12012740_sMany of us are probably guilty of falling for this one, but it is false.  Cranking up the thermostat doesn’t actually warm up your home faster.  No matter what temperature you set the thermostat to, the speed at which your home heats up is the same.   Turning up the temperature beyond where you’d actually like it only increases your likelihood of forgetting to turn it down and using more energy than necessary.

2. Lining Your Drip Pans With Foil Makes Them Last Longer

This myth has been around for quite some time now, and is again false. It might seem like a good way to avoid having to clean up spills or splatters, but wrapping or lining your Drip Pans with foil is actually very dangerous. Not only can it cause the burners to overheat, but it also increases your risk of electric shock or fire and can even cause your Drip Pans to rust faster.  You’re much better off spot cleaning and replacing them as needed.

3. More Detergent Means Cleaner Clothes

7939246_mUsing more detergent should get your clothes cleaner, shouldn’t it?  Nope, this one’s false too.  Using too much detergent can actually leave your clothes dirtier.  The first reason is that it creates suds.  When there are too many suds, it’s harder for the detergent to grab onto and lift the dirt and stains. Excess suds can also damage your washer over time.  You’ll find that your clothes still come out dirty and are often left feeling stiff or have a soapy residue.

4. Frozen Foods Last Forever

Foods can last quite a long time in the freezer when stored properly, but not forever. Over time food starts to break down affecting flavors and textures.  It may technically still be safe to eat, but you probably won’t want to.  Different foods will hold up longer than others. Check out this quick guide from the FDA.

5. Dishes Need to be Pre-Rinsed

11492382 - washing plates in the dishwasher. inside a dishwasher

Although highly debated, this one is false.  When it comes to your dishwasher, your dishes actually need to be dirty in order for it to effectively clean them.  The detergent needs those bits of food to grab on to.  You should still scrape large bits of food off first, but pre-rinsing or even pre-washing your dishes is just wasting your time and money.

We hope you have a great Halloween! Have a spooky appliance story of your own?  Leave it for us in the comments.  If you liked this post, please share it with a friend and don’t forget to subscribe to the 1st Source Servall Blog so you don’t miss a thing.

Written by: Sarah Walker

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