Tips and Tricks to Preventing Dryer Fires


Across the country, thousands of house fires are caused by dryers every year. The number of incidents tends to increase in the fall and winter months as people begin to use their dryers more frequently. The main reason these fires break out is because people fail to keep this appliance properly cleaned and maintained.  Taking a few extra minutes to perform these simple tasks will ensure you and your dryer have no issues this season.

  1. Check the lint filter regularly for damage or rips, and replace immediately if found.
  2. Make sure the lint filter is cleaned out after and before every load. Lint build-up is one of the biggest fire hazards, but also one of the easiest to prevent.
  3. Keep the dryer’s surrounding area clean, especially behind the dryer where lint is known to accumulate.
  4. Clean the inside of the dryer once a month to eliminate lint build-up.
  5. Inspect the dryer vent outside your home. It is important to confirm air is flowing freely through the vent and that nothing is blocking it.
  6. Check the exhaust duct for blockage. It is recommended to disconnect and clean the duct every couple of years. It is a good idea to hire a professional to do this.
  7. Call a professional to inspect connections. For electrical dryers, plugs and outlets need to complement one another. For gas dryers, gas lines and connections need to be free of leaks. A professional will be able to ensure your dryer is operating properly and efficiently.
  8. Avoid running the dryer when no one is home.
  9. Install smoke detectors by your laundry room so you can be immediately aware if your dryer is overheating.

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By: Katie Marinelli

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