Wobbly Washer?


Having a wobbly or shaky washer is one of the most common problems people find when troubleshooting washer issues. That is probably because there are so many different reasons why your washer could be wobbly! From something as simple as having an unbalanced load to more complex problems such as a broken or damaged suspension springs there are so many reasons why your washer could be shaking around. Let’s take a look into four different reasons why your washer could be wobbling around and how to fix them.

1.) Unbalanced Load
This is the most common of all the reasons of why your washer could be shaking and it’s the easiest to fix! An unbalanced load is just when all of your clothes get stuck on one side of the washer causing a weight distribution issue. To fix this simply open your washer and evenly distribute the clothes.

2.) Suspension Springs
Suspension springs stabilize the washer tub and absorb vibration while the machine is in the spin cycle. If this suspension spring breaks, your washer might become unbalanced and this ultimately causes it to shake during a cycle. To fix this, you need to remove the front panel of the washing machine and check to see if the spring is damaged, securely attached at both ends, and also look out for stretching. Usually if one is damaged, you will most likely want to replace all of them.

3.) Leveling Legs
Leveling legs are used to balance and support the washing machine and are made to be adjustable so you can move the washing machine the way you need it to so it will be leveled. Make sure all leveling legs are intact and the washing machine is sitting firmly on all of them. Also inspect that the rubber feet are in good condition. If any of these objects are worn, damaged or broken, you simply just need to replace them.

4.) Shock Absorber
The shock absorber dampens the vibration of the washing machine. When these shock absorbers become damaged, unbalanced loads will cause your washer to be wobbly. This can also create a loud banging noise which is not pleasant. Make sure your shock absorbers are correctly installed and in the right position. To do this, you need to remove the front panel or rear panel to access them. When this happens, also inspect that these shock absorbers are not damaged or worn; these symptoms can cause the machine to shake as well.

Having a wobbly washing machine can be irritating, however it is not as bad as you think! Whether you have an unbalanced wash load or a more serious issue such as a damaged suspension spring, it is an easy fix that won’t take long. Most of the time, we can fix these problems ourselves. If these problems still seem to occur after checking all of these steps, it might be time to call your local maintenance person.

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By: Morgan Hurley


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