Your Guide to Maintaining Your Appliances Filters!


Filters are used in almost every appliance, refrigerators have water filters, dryers have lint filters, furnaces have air filters, and even dishwashers have filters.  Since filters are parts of your appliance that you are going to need to change or clean at one point or another you might as well learn how. So take a minute and learn when you need to change your appliance filters, and how to change them!

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Type of Filter:
•Lint Filter

How Often Should You Clean it?
•Regardless of how much you use your dryer, the lint filter should be cleaned prior to every dryer cycle. Cleaning your lint filter is super important for two main reasons: 1.) Lint builds up overtime in the vent trap which ultimately leads to your appliance being less efficient. 2.) Built up lint in the in the dryer vent can actually lead to fires!

How do You Clean It?
•Just pull the lint trap out remove all of the lint from the screen and push it back into place.

Type of Filter:
•Water Filter

How Often Should You Change it?
•It is recommended by most manufacturers that you change your water filter every 6 months. However this can vary depending on how often you use water dispenser. If you have a bigger family or find that you use your water dispenser 10 or more times a day it is smart to change your water filter every 3-4 months. Also some sighs that it is time to change you water filter are unwanted tastes or odors in your water and ice.

How do You Change it?
•How you change your water filter may vary between refrigerator models however, this method is common. First, open fridge compartment. Then, remove any food or shelving from beneath water filter compartment. Press water filter compartment button to open. Pull down water filter push and turn water filter volunteer clockwise to release. Insert new water filter, notch up then press water filter upwards and close compartment. Finally replace shelving and/or food.

Type of Filter:
•Air Filter

How Often Should You Change it?
•Furnace filters vary how often they should be changed, some filters should be changed every 4-6 weeks during the heating season and some only need to be changed every six months.Filters will indicate when they should be changed. However, how often you need to change your filter can also vary if you have pets, allergies, or you live in an area that their is a lot of pollen. These factors can make 6 month filters become  4-5 month filters and 4-6 week filters become 3-5 week filters.

How do You Change it?
•Like the refrigerator how you change your furnace filter can very by model, this is just a common method. First, turn off the furnace and locate the service panel and remove it. Slide out the old filer, slide in the new filter.Then put the service panel back on and turn on the furnace.

Type of Filter:
•Dishwasher Filter

How Often Should You Clean it?
•Unlike the dryer, refrigerator, and furnace there is no specific time frame in which you need to change or clean your dishwashers filter. Symptoms that it may be time to change your dishwashers filter include: food residue being left on dishes after a wash cycle, your dishwasher having a funky smell, or your dishes feeling gritty after a cycle.

How do You Clean it?
•First, Open your dishwasher door and slide the bottom rack to the side. Then, remove the round filter located on the bottom of the dishwasher near the spray arms by turning it counter-clockwise and lifting it up. Remove the coarse filter from the bottom of the dishwasher and hand wash your dishwasher’s coarse filter and round filter until all of the gunk is cleaned from the filters. Finally place your dishwashers course and round filters back into the dishwasher!

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Written By: Claire Begalke



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