Make Your Appliances Last & Save Your Money!


Every few years one of our appliances seem to break or get into a funk where it involves a repair or even a brand new replacement. These repairs and replacements can be costly and can also be a hassle to deal with. Whether it be your refrigerator, your dishwasher, or your washer/dryer, there are tips to keep each and every one of these appliances in exceptional condition over a long period of time. Help yourself, avoid these altercations and save your money!


1.) Clean your refrigerator coils: The coils can be accessed by removing the front grille on your refrigerator. When these coils get clogged with dust or dirt, it can cause the refrigerator to not cool properly or as efficiently which can ruin your products inside. Use a coil cleaning brush (sold at home centers) and finish with a vacuum to make sure you clean it the best you can. The clean coils will cool the inside better and save you money on calling a repairman!

2.) Keep your air vents open: The refrigerator and the freezer both need proper airflow to keep your products fresh and safe to eat/drink. Before shoving your food or drinks in there, make sure you are not blocking air vents that permit this necessary air flow. Blocking these vents can cause cooling problems and force the compressor and fans to run overtime. That being said, your compressor and fan will be more at fault for failing and breaking which can end up being costly to repair/replace.

3.) Clean your gaskets: Keeping your refrigerator gaskets clean will help in the sealing of the door and ultimately will help the life of the fridge. If foods or sticky substances build up on the gaskets, it can be hard to clean and eventually tears happen when trying to rip the door open. This can cost between $150-$300 to fix. Clean using warm water for the best results.


1.) Don’t overload your washer/dryer: When loading laundry into the washer and dryer, don’t put too much in! If you do this frequently, you can damage the drive belts or break the drive coupler which can cost over $100 to fix for something that is so easily avoidable. Overloading a front-loading washer or dryer can also burn our the rear or bearing motor. This repair is so pricey it may be worth it to just get a new appliance itself.

2.) Clean the lint filter: When your lint filter is clogged, it not only takes your clothes longer to dry but it makes the machine work harder which is wasted energy. If you continuously forget to clean the filter, the blockage can get so bad, the dryer can overheat and the thermal fuse can blow. Therefore, the dryer will start but not heat. This usually costs anywhere from $200 or more.

3.) Don’t rip your clothes out of the washer: Not only will these potentially ruin your clothes, but it could also tear or damage the gasket on your washing machine. This requires a lot of repair and could be costly as well.


1.) Clean your dishwasher screen: Most if not all dishwashers have a filtering screen located under the bottom spray arm, clean this as much as you can. Food particles can build up and create slime that blocks water flow and ultimately diminishes the performance of cleaning. If it gets bad enough, you may need to have someone come and clean it for you or replace the filter altogether. Be sure to cut back on the soap used too, this can reduce water flow and cause buildups that could need professional help.

All of these things can be so easily avoidable if you are cautious! No one wants to pay lots of money for unnecessary and avoidable repairs. Make sure you keep up with your appliances and try to keep them clean and in shape so they can last for years to come. 

If do you happen to notice a part of your appliance needs to be replaced or you’re looking for the right cleaner/ part, you can find just about anything you might need on our website!  Feel free to leave any of your own tips, questions, and more for us in the comments.

Written by: Morgan Hurley



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