Dryer Racks


Our dryer is one of our most used appliances. We use this on a weekly basis and it helps us to keep our clothing clean and fresh. However, using drying racks to air dry our clothing can sometimes be an even better alternative. Here are some benefits of using drying racks.


  1. You save money and energy: You save energy and money because you are not using your dryer as frequently which takes up energy every load you use it, ultimately causing your bill to decrease. Dryers use up almost more energy than any other household appliance. The U.S. Department of Energy claims that an electric clothes dryer adds up to almost 6 percent of a household’s annual electricity consumption. That might not seem like much, but it adds up!
  2. Make your clothes last longer: You’ll also save money because your clothes can last longer if you air dry them with dryer racks. Dryers may make your clothes softer, but they also weaken the fabric’s fibers much faster. After washing your clothes, you can re-shape your wool or other fabrics by setting them on a drying rack to give them back their original look.
  3. Helpful in the Winter AND Summer: During the winter, air drying your clothing using dryer racks reduces static cling that can be really bad in the dry winter air. Air drying your clothes also puts moisture into the air which is needed during the dry winter months. In the summer, you can use the disinfecting and whitening properties of the sun. The sun gives off UV light which can be used to disinfect water and semi-wet laundry. UV light also interferes with the production of bacteria by damaging their DNA, ultimately helping your clothes.
  4.  It can be therapeutic: Although this may seem irrational or exaggerated, some people actually don’t mind hanging their clothes out to dry. It gives you a few minutes of peace out of our busy schedules to just relax. It’s an easy thing to do that doesn’t take up much time but is also beneficial in the end.

With all of these benefits, it might be in our best interest to start using dryer racks to air dry our clothing. All in all, it will make our clothes last longer and can also lower our energy bills, who wouldn’t want that? Dryer racks  can be easily found and are very inexpensive to buy. Check out our website and take a look at our options, we have everything you need!

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By: Morgan Hurley

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