Keeping Your Floors Protected During the Big Move


Moving into a new home is a very exciting time. So exciting that sometimes you don’t think about all of the factors that play into moving everything in. One thing in particular that may not cross a new home buyer’s mind is ensuring the floors don’t get damaged throughout the moving process. Pushing large appliances such as a fridge or a washer across your new home’s tiled floors or hardwood is not the best idea. This could result in permanent scratches and marks that will not go away without replacing the flooring altogether. However, there is a very easy fix for this!

Glide N’ Guard is a product made by Frigidaire that allows you to simply maneuver any appliance. The interlocking tracks made from special polymer plastics allow you to move your appliances with ease without damaging your flooring. With six tracks in each kit, you will have no problem choosing a desired track length.  Now you and your floors will be all set for the big day. Not only is this product helpful when moving into a new home, but it could also come in handy when trying to clean behind some of your big appliances or if you are trying to rearrange your kitchen.

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By: Katie Marinelli

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