Benefits of Trash Compactors


As our planet and the environment around us is trying to become more sustainable and environmentally responsible it is important to take precautionary steps to help out in every way possible. Although it may not seem relevant, trash compactors can contribute to this responsibility. They can also help us in other ways we may not have even known about. Here are the benefits of using a trash compactor for your household or your business.

  1. Convenience & Efficiency: This is especially beneficial when you own or manage a business. Trash compactors are easy to use and require little to no maintenance, helping your waste process. An adequate trash compactor may only have to be emptied once for every 20 times that traditional garbage collection methods would have to be emptied, ultimately improving the efficiency of the garbage process.
  2. Better Sanitation Levels: Loose trash can be be dirty and unsanitary which can release bad odors or pests such as mice. This can be important for people who own restaurants, apartments, hotels or other crowded areas which involve a lot of people (converting to a lot of garbage). Trash compactors keeps your trash neat and contained because it is accumulated inside a solid container. With that being said, it will be cleaner for you and your surroundings, causing increased levels of sanitation.
  3. Labor & Cost Savings: By compacting your loose trash into a smaller volume, you can get rid of 50%-90% more trash per pickup. As stated above, this is about equivalent to being emptied 1 time for every 15-20 times required for conventional collection methods. This too ultimately causes the number of waste hauling visits to decrease, lowering business expenses and pollution from garbage trucks and machines.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Using trash compactors can help companies “go green”. This can help because you are using a disposal system that helps your business or household recycle more while saving space in landfills. Recyclables typically contain empty containers such as plastic bottles or cardboard boxes but by compacting them, recycling that makes an impact becomes more feasible. Using fewer bags can even help as well.

There are many different benefits to using a trash compactor in your business or your household. With all of these benefits combined,  they help to make you or your business look more environmentally responsible and can help to make a difference. Although traditional garbage methods are easy to obtain and manage, it may be worth it to look into trash compactors. If you need parts for trash compactors, check out our website for cheap and obtainable parts right at your convenience.

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By: Morgan Hurley

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