What Should I Do With My Old Appliances?


Purchasing new appliances like a washer and dryer can be a very exciting time. You get to try out all different types of models and figure out what is best for you and your home. Then it’s out with the old and in with the new! But where exactly is this place the old appliances are going to?

When placed at your curb, your old appliances are often taken to landfills. Here, they take up a lot of space and can leak chemicals that are dangerous to the surrounding environment. You can even be held liable and fined for not getting rid of old appliances in the right manner. However, there is no need to worry because there are several environmentally safe and lawfully proper ways to dispose of these appliances.

  1. Donate to a charity

If your old appliance still works, you have the option to donate it to a non-profit organization that accepts used appliances. This is a great idea because you are easily able to help someone in need. Doing this can also give you a greater tax deduction. Check in with your local Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, or Habitat for Humanity Restore to see if they are currently accepting donations of this sort and how to go about doing so.

  1. Contact a training school

There could potentially be an appliance repair training school or trade school in your area that is in need of used, working appliances for training use. You should do some research to find a local organization that may be accepting donations at this time.

  1. Find a rebate program

Some companies offer cash rebates for turning in old appliances. Check with your local gas, electric or water provider to find out if they offer anything or find one using the ENERGY STAR Partners Rebate finder.

  1. Use a recycling service

There are businesses that are specifically dedicated to recycling scrap metal. They will haul away your old appliance and make sure it is properly and safely disposed of. In the process, they will recycle the metal, glass and plastic parts of your appliance. This method, however, can be costly, so make sure to ask your local utility or government office for assistance.

  1. Educate yourself

The waste management company in your area may already have rules set up for disposing of old appliances. Make sure that whatever you choose to do with your old appliances abides by the laws that are currently set in place.

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By: Katie Marinelli

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