Why Won’t My Oven Turn On?


With Christmas only days away, any oven problems are unacceptable! How else are you going to get all of the cookies baked? Not to mention the ham or turkey you might be having for dinner.  One commonly reported issue is that the oven won’t turn on. How can this be, and how is it fixed? Follow the steps below and your oven will be up and running to bake those Christmas cut-outs in no time.

  1. Inspect the power source

Ensure that the unit is plugged into a working electrical power source and that the electrical cord has no kinks or wires exposed.

  1. Look at the connections

There could be a burnt or loose wire that connects to the bake element. Usually they are seen closer to the element. If a fuse is blown, look for the oven element that it is associated and find the cause before replacing the fuse.

  1. Check the electronic controls

Confirm all oven controls are on the correct setting and that they are operating correctly. If the control board is faulty, it will not send the voltage to the heating elements.

  1. Examine the bake element

If you have an electric oven, inspect the bake element to make sure it does not have any blisters or holes. You will need to replace the bake element if it is damaged or not producing any heat at all.

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By: Katie Marinelli

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