10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean in Your Washing Machine


Washers make our lives a lot easier. No more hand washing shirts or pants since the machine can get the job done for us. However, most people are not aware that their washing machines can clean more than just their dirty clothes and towels. Learn about all of the household items that can be safely cleaned the next time you do a wash cycle.

  1. Shower Curtains – These plastic liners can get gross really easily. Put the washer on a delicate cycle and toss them in along with your bath towels. Cleaning them on a regular basis can prevent all of that residue build-up.
  2. Lunch Boxes – A spilled cranberry juice, chocolate milk, and who knows what else doesn’t make for a pretty stain. A cold cycle wash with some towels will save you from scrubbing your kid’s lunch box every week.
  3. Canvas Backpacks – Bad news is that chocolate milk spilled inside the whole backpack too. Good news is you can turn that backpack inside out and put the washer on warm to get it looking and smelling good as new.
  4. Pillows – Not only can your washing machine clean pillow cases, but it can clean a lot of the pillows too. If you have down or synthetic pillows, put a couple through a warm, gentle cycle. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.
  5. Chair Cushions – Many people have cushions that tie onto their dining room chairs. Little Timmy spilled a few things on his last week and the week before that. Easily untie it and toss it in the washer to get those stains right out.
  6. Mop heads – That’s right, you can even clean the items you use to do the cleaning. Put the washer on hot and place your mop head in a mesh laundry bag. It will be sanitized and looking like new in no time.
  7. Sneakers – Those new white sneakers won’t be sparkly for long. Once they get some dirt on them, put them in your washer on cold with a load of towels to freshen them up. Be sure to separate the laces and wash the insoles by hand.
  8. Gym bags – Your muddy sneakers have been in your gym bag along with sweaty t-shirts and shorts for weeks. Run it through a cold, gentle cycle to get rid of the grime.
  9. Stuffed Animals – Teddy isn’t looking so good after a long day at the park. No need to worry. Put him in a pillow case and wash with like colors. A little air drying afterwards will do just the trick.
  10. Other Small Toys – Little things such as Legos can be cleaned in your washing machine too. They are an easy target for bacteria. Tying these tightly shut in a pillow case and washing with like colors will get those plastic action figures squeaky clean.

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By: Katie Marinelli

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