Which Appliance Style Should I Choose?


The holidays involve a lot of gatherings which involves a lot of cooking and baking. This can take a toll on our appliances. If you’re in the market for new appliances take a look at some of the different styles to choose from, the pros and cons of each style and how they range in prices.



Gas Range: Gas ranges tend to have more control over cooking temperature. You can go from full heat to none very quickly and you do not have to wait for the element to heat up or cool down. Gas ranges also operate on either propane or natural gas which are both inexpensive and clean burning. You ultimately save money by using gas rather than electricity while cooking. However, gas ranges can flame stability can sometimes be weak and heat distribution can be more difficult to achieve. Gas ranges are also a little bit more difficult to clean because you have to remove burners, burner grates, burner caps etc. They typically cost anywhere between $360-$6800 depending on the brand, and type that you decide to buy.


Electric Ranges: Electric ranges are typically  more easy to clean with a smooth top that is easily accessible. They have even surfaces which are more stable for pots and pans to sit on rather than having them sit upon burner grates on a gas range. There is no ignition necessary for electric ranges either, you simply twist a knob and it begins to heat. Heat is also more evenly distributed. However, if the power goes out, you will not be able to cook anything. Electric ranges can range in price from $380-$3500 depending on the brand which can be significantly less costly than a gas range.



Front-Loader Washers: Front-loading washing machines typically remove more stains than top-loaders and this has been tested by many people and companies. Front-loaders also clean better because the wash motion is more effective. The tumbling motion knocks clothes against each other and gives more energy to give your clothing a better wash. Front-loaders also use less water, about 5 fewer gallons per cycle or around 2,000 gallons per year. They can take longer for cycles and be a bit more expensive, but all of these benefits could be worth it. Front-loader washers usually run from about $500-$1000 once again depending on the brand and style you choose.


Top-Loader Washers: With top-loading washers, they can allow you to add clothes mid-cycle unlike most front-loaders. They also have shorter wash cycles, minimal vibrations and easier operations. Most of the times they also will be unlikely to cause odors or mildew which can save you problems in the future. However, cleaning performance may not be as good as front-loader washers and wash cycles can’t be adjusted to fit your specific cleaning needs. Most of the time, top-loaders can not handle huge loads either and this could make it difficult to clean bigger items such as a comforter or heavy blankets. These washers can range from $450-$900.



Side-by-Side Refrigerator: Side-by-side unites split your fridge right down the middle. The narrow doors are a plus for smaller kitchens, but sometimes may not open enough for larger items such as frozen pizzas. Narrow compartments can make items stuck in the back hard to find. Overall they are not as energy or space-efficient. Most side-by-side refrigerators have water and ice dispensers on the door, making it easy and quick to grab.  This appliances ranges from $1,149-$3,099.

Top/Bottom Freezer Refrigerators:  With top /bottom freezer models, they are usually the cheapest to buy and repair. They also offer the most usable storage space and shelves and bins can be easy to remove. This style refrigerator is also the most energy-efficient and can fit many bigger items along with smaller ones too. These models need more door swing space however and can be tight if you have a smaller kitchen. However, with both of these styles you have to crouch and find items either higher or lower depending on where they are placed. Top freezers range between $479-2,199 while bottom freezer models range between $999-1,899.

Deciding on what style appliance you want to purchase for your home can be a tough and difficult decision. It is quite an investment and you will be stuck with them for a years. Be mindful that old appliances, unless they are completely destroyed can be great gifts for new homeowners who may not be able to afford brand new appliances. Next time you need a new appliance make sure to do the research and choose the one that best fits your needs and your home!

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By: Morgan Hurley

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