How to Store Those Small Appliances


Small appliances can be very handy and convenient. Whether you have a quesadilla maker, a waffle maker, a fryer, or all three, where are you supposed to put these gadgets? They aren’t an everyday appliance, so leaving them out on the counter-top seems silly. Follow the tips below to know exactly what to do with your juicer or food processor.

Decide if you need it – Although it may have seemed like a great deal when you bought it, how often are you really going to make your own ice cream? Or maybe you got the appliance as a gift, and you aren’t entirely sure if you’ll end up using it. Before you worry about storing these small appliances, first figure out if you want to keep them and if you will definitely use them.

Find a good storage spot – Next you have to decide how often you plan to use your small appliances. If you only break it out during holidays or on a special occasion, find some shelf space in a storage closet or in the garage. You don’t want these to take up too much of your kitchen storage space if you are not planning to use them semi-regularly. For those items you may use on a weekly basis but not necessarily every day, find some space in a kitchen cupboard or consider building some shelves. The shelves keep the items off the counter-top and out of the way, yet allow them to be easily accessed when needed. You may also find it helpful to install electrical power in the shelf space so they can be easily plugged in.  Some appliances that may be good for these shelves are blenders or toasters. In regards to the kitchen cupboard, this may be a good space for the appliances that have several loose attachments. This way, you can put everything inside a little storage basket and stick it right in the cupboard.

Find a method and stick to it – These tips might seem pretty straightforward, but they will make your life much easier. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel after not having a bunch of unnecessary clutter on your counter-tops. Stay organized by keeping cords wrapped and contained and by putting your appliances back where they belong after you’re done with them.

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By: Katie Marinelli

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