Why Won’t My Dishwasher Dry My Dishes?!


Having a dishwasher becomes very convenient when you don’t want to stand around washing and drying dishes after a big meal. However, it becomes very inconvenient when your dishwasher doesn’t heat and dry your dishes when it’s supposed to. Here are some reasons your dishwasher may not be heating and drying and how you can fix this problem.

One easy fix could be the fact that you are overloading your dishwasher. When you overload your dishwasher, air circulation becomes confined which can cause your dishes to remain wet. If you think this may be the problem, on your next load simply just fill your dishwasher with a lighter load and run the appliance to see if it does a better job of drying your items for you.

Adding rinse aid to your appliance may also solve this issue. Despite its name, rinse aid doesn’t rinse your dishes but it helps remove water from plates, bowls, glasses etc. It is more of a drying aid that contains chemicals called surfacants which lower the surface tension of water. Rather than forming water droplets, the water spreads into thinner sheets that run right off your dishes. This could be just the fix that you need and can be found in any local grocery or drugstore. We also sell rinse aid caps, dispensers and injector tanks at our 1SS stores near you!

Another reason for your dishwasher not drying your dishes is the thermostat. The dishwasher’s thermostat regulates the temperature of the washing and drying cycle. It is also the device that keeps the dishwasher from getting too hot. If it is not working properly, it could shut off the heat before your dishes are finished drying.You can test the continuity of your thermostat with a multi-meter or by setting your dishwasher to its shortest cycle with the warmest water temperature. When the appliance has finished washing the dishes and begins the drying cycle, open the dishwasher and if you notice that the inside is not warm, then the thermostat is probably the issue. In this case, you will need to purchase a replacement part.

One last possible cause of your dishwasher not drying could be the heating element. When this is burned out or defective your dishes will not dry. This part can be found near the bottom of the appliance and can be tested for continuity through a multi-meter test. You can also check by unplugging the machine, removing the lower rack and looking for areas that appear damaged or burned out. If there is not continuity or it looks damaged or burned out than you will need to order a new one to replace the current.

Check all your vents as well to make sure air flow is being recycled. If these are clogged or damaged, this could also lead to moisture on your dishes. Check the easy do-it-yourself fixes before jumping to conclusions. If you believe that it could be another cause, you may need to contact your local repairman for help or replacements.

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By: Morgan Hurley

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