Is This Okay To Vacuum?


Vacuums are used monthly, weekly, even daily  in almost every room and crevice of our homes. These cleaning appliances are beneficial for making our homes look neat and clean. However, sometimes we may suck things up that could do harm to the vacuum itself, causing damage or causing it to break all together. So what are some things we can and cannot vacuum up?

Try to avoid sucking these things up in your vacuum:

  1. Large pieces of glass: Big pieces of broken glass can be harmful for your vacuum. These large and sharp pieces can cut the bag, get stuck in the hose, or scuff the inside of your vacuum. Instead of vacuuming this, sweep it up instead.
  2. Wet or moist objects (including food): Whether it’s soggy cereal, wet paper towels, or just a spill of water or juice, most average vacuum cleaners are not meant or built to suck up anything wet. Therefore, clean it up with a paper towel or rag.
  3. Coins, paperclips, other small items: A lot of times we have these small items laying around our cars or our carpets and it seems natural to suck them right up and get rid of them. However, more times than most they can get stuck in the rotating brush and break off plastic pieces inside the appliance. Usually you will know if something like this got sucked up if you hear a loud noise while going over it.
  4. Fireplace Ashes/ Fine Dust: If you are working on wood and have a lot of sanding residue or tiny dust particles laying around you will be better off using something like a shop vac to clean up. These fine dust particles can clog filters or the bag almost instantly and may begin to put the dust back into the air causing a not-so-nice aftermath. Fireplace ashes can trap hear and also are small particles that can do the same thing as dust particles. First, let the ashes cool and it is recommended to use a utility or a wet/dry vacuum to clean the area.

Things that are okay to vacuum up:

  1. Hair: Most of us have animals that may shed on our furniture and most girls tend to lose hair and shed around their bedrooms without even realizing it. Hair is acceptable and safe to vacuum up. However, make sure you check the brush roll because it could eventually build up and cause it to not work as effectively as it should.
  2. Dry food: If you happen to spill cereal all over while trying to get it in your bowl or spill other snacks such as chips, peanuts etc, these things are also OK to vacuum. Let’s be honest, most of us tend to spill at least one thing while we’re eating.

There are many things that are okay to vacuum. Use your best judgement to determine whether or not it will ultimately cause damage to your vacuum or not.


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By: Morgan Hurley

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