Coffee From The Refrigerator Anyone?


We all love a nice cup of coffee in the morning before we start our busy days. We freshly make it in our coffee machines or use our Keurigs. Now General Electric has done the unthinkable, coffee right from our refrigerators! Just when you thought appliances couldn’t get any savvier, General Electric and Keurig have teamed up to create a coffee-dispensing fridge called the Cafe series.

This appliance is so simple and with only a few steps, you will have a fresh brewed cup of coffee right before your eyes. All you have to do is pop out the brewer which is located where water is normally dispensed. Next just drop in the K cup that you want and  slide the brewer back in. Once that gets slid back in, the screen will pop up on a mini touch screen giving you the option to choose between a small, medium, or large cup. At that point, the water will start heating up. When the water is heated up, the knob on the side will turn red, simply just turn and push the knob and your coffee will start brewing and be dispensed.

This refrigerator is available as a french-door bottom-freezer model  and serves a purpose to regain counter  space lost to other appliances such as a coffee maker or a Keurig. It will be sold for $3,300, which may seem like too much, but also may be worth it to some as well. Not only is this refrigerator advanced and unique, but you can also activate the brewer from your smart phone. Right when you wake up in the morning, you can turn it on so that when you get downstairs your water will already be heated and all you have to do is pop in a new K cup and start your day off with a nice cup of joe.

If you find yourself going out and buying a coffee everyday, that money adds up! Save that money and invest in one of these GE refrigerators. Everyone will be jealous that you have one.

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By: Morgan Hurley

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