5 Kitchen Trends to Try in 2017


It’s a new year, why not try out a new look for your kitchen? Before spring is in full swing, this is the perfect time to redo or reorganize your kitchen before the weather gets even warmer and we start spending all of our free time outside! So much time is spent in the kitchen between cooking and baking, eating meals, and being a central socializing spot for guests.  Here are some new ways to enhance your kitchen’s look while keeping the space efficient.

Black Appliances:

Depending how large or small your kitchen is, sometimes the size can get lost with an array of only stainless steel appliances.  Choosing a black microwave or stove instead gives your kitchen a sophisticated and classic look that won’t be overpowering.

Copper Accents:

Neutral colors are still overwhelmingly popular in the kitchen.  Try adding copper handles to neutral colored cabinets to give your kitchen more character.  This trend is on the rise, as well as having larger pieces, such as copper hoods over stoves or range cookers.

Colored Sinks:

If your kitchen is all white or black and you’re looking for a place to add a pop of color, try a colored sink.  This could become a complete focal point in your kitchen, and is a new way to add color in a place other than a back-splash.

Clever Storage Options:

The issue of having enough storage is a constant battle, especially if you’re someone who is an avid cook or baker and invests in new cooking supplies often.  Many companies and homeowners are redesigning the layouts and sizes of their cabinets to offer more storage, by having multi-tier drawers, hidden storage units, or simply adding hooks, baskets, or dividers inside their cabinets to give every item inside a proper home. You could also create your own unique storage unit by putting woven baskets in open shelving areas.

Mixed Counter-tops:

Quartz and marble counter-tops are popular, but aren’t the only option.  Switch it up by creating a counter-top that is part wood and part stone or laminate.  For example, use marble and a warm wood in your counter-top to create a contrasting but homey feel.

Written by: Marissa Watroba

One thought on “5 Kitchen Trends to Try in 2017

  1. eMoov

    The design of the wall is really amazing. Pretty sure, you will be proud to do this project on your kitchen. It will be the best kitchen that you’ll ever had if you try these amazing inspirational kitchen trend designs.

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