Carrier Expands Recall on PTAC & PTHP Units


As of February 23, 2017 Carrier has expanded the recall on Carrier, Bryant, and Fast brand PTAC and PTHP units due to a faulty power cord posing a fire hazard risk. The recall includes approximately 94,000 units in addition to the original 185,000 recalled in November of 2007 and 285,000 added in December of 2015.

Numerous reports have been received stating that the power cord/plug has overheated, with 14 new reports since the last recall.  The units were sold between January of 2002 and December of 2009.

Please note that even if you received a replacement power cord in 2007, your unit is still included in the updated recall.  The affected units have 208/230 volt, 20 amp outlets and  the following capacities:

  • 7,000 BTUs
  • 9,000 BTUs
  • 12,000 BTUs
  • 15,000 BTUs

The model number will be listed on the information plate.  This can typically be found on the front of the unit, underneath the front panel or cover. The following models are now included in the recall:


Model Numbers

CARRIER 52CE,  52CQ,  52PE,  52PQ,  52PC,  52ME,  53MQ
BRYANT 840,  841,  842
FAST 840,  841,  842


For an up to date list of recalled models and to find out if your unit has been included, please contact Carrier directly by phone at 800-761-8492 or go to

If your model is included in the list above or you are unsure if it is included in the recall, unplug the unit and refrain from using it until it has been repaired.

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