Hacks and Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator and Freezer


No matter the size of your refrigerator and freezer, it always seems as if there is never enough room for all of your food, drinks, and snacks.  Nothing is more frustrating than coming home from going grocery shopping and fighting to fit all of the food that you just bought into your fridge.  Being able to get items in and out of the fridge without knocking something else over or having to take something out is merely impossible, and dealing with the freezer is usually even worse because it is even smaller than the fridge.  If these problems are all too familiar to you, here are some clever hacks and tips that will make your life in this area of the kitchen a little bit easier. 

Organizing Your Fridge

Office Organizers: Invest in sliding bins and shelving to maximize space in your fridge. A trip to the office supply store may help you find these things.  Buy a few plastic bins that you can put on a shelf to store groups of items, such as your canned drinks, heads of lettuce and other veggies, fruit, etc. Also, putting a tiny metal or plastic shelf, like one you would normally use on or inside a desk, gives you an extra layer of space on an already existent shelf.

Consistency is Key: Transfer items such as sauces, grated cheese, hummus, or salsa, to identical, but labeled, jars to reduce the space that over-sized jars take up.  This will also give your fridge a sleeker, cleaner look on the inside.

Add Some Color: Line the inside of your drawers and shelves with colored plastic mats.  This will brighten up the fridge, and also save you cleanup time if you have a spill, because it is much easier taking out the mat than cleaning the entire drawer.

Label, Label, Label: Label everything! (this goes for the freezer as well) Label the slots on the door or different drawers so you know what goes inside, and follow the labels! If everything in your refrigerator and freezer has a visible spot, you will spend much less time fighting to squeeze everything inside and take less time to find what you are looking for.

Organizing Your Freezer

Freeze Things Flat: Putting things like soup, mashed potatoes, or even smoothies in Tupperware or glass containers can take up a lot of room in your freezer very quickly. Instead, put these foods into freezer bags and freeze them flat, this way they can be stacked or leaned against each other in a bin .

Recycle the Boxes: If you have a couple popsicles or frozen burritos left in a box, get rid of it! The boxes are too bulky to leave one or two items left in it, so recycle them and put all of the loose items in a bin instead.

Vacuum Seal: It is much more difficult to identify foods when they are frozen or inside an opaque container. To avoid losing track of foods, and to reduce space, vacuum seal foods inside freezer safe bags.  This way they will take up less room, and also so you can see what is inside the bags. If putting an item inside a bag is not possible, you can vacuum seal glass jars as well.  By removing the air you can still see what is inside.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most of your refrigerator and freezer space and save you a headache or two down the road.  Happy organizing!

Written By: Marissa Watroba

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