3 Ways to Personalize Your Appliances


We pride ourselves on making our homes reflect our personal style and taste. We hand pick the perfect furniture and paint for the walls but one thing that seems to be out of our control is the look of our most important, everyday pieces our appliances. They are the center of many activities in the house and we, including others, have to see them every day. And let’s face it, they aren’t the prettiest things to look at.

We’ve all been there…

You are in the market for some new appliances and you get to the store and sigh as the sales associate enthusiastically tells you that this ‘brand new appliance’ comes in black, white or stainless steel.


You’ve just moved into your first apartment and you’re trying to look grateful as your mom gives you her old appliances that ‘work great’ but don’t look it.

You don’t need to worry; we are here to share a few simple and easy ways to personalize your appliances.


66106926 - renovation of a small kitchen from white to yellow (3d rendering)

  1. Paint:

You’ve already bought the paint for your walls, why not buy some for your appliances? Paint is your best friend for inexpensive home makeovers.  You have a couple options with what you would like to add some color to, like your fridge or range.  If you aren’t much of a risk taker you can paint your cabinets or table to brighten up the room and distract people from your plain white or black appliances.  Another fun paint job would be using chalk board paint on the fridge so you can easily write and erase messages to family members or housemates.

You would want to use a rust-resistant paint or stainless steel appliance paint for the best results. If you need a touch up on any of your appliances, 1st Source Servall has you covered.


43620242 - washi tape rolls for handcrafts

  1. Washi and Dryer:

Another great way to decorate your appliances is washi tape, duct tape or adhesive stickers.  You can use this in a number of ways with multiple designs. The best part is you can put them on virtually anything, like your washer, dryer, fridge or dishwasher.



  1. Magnets and Pictures

It’s an age old tradition to decorate your fridge with magnets and family photos but if you do it the right way it can be a nice accent for your kitchen. Place your pictures on the fridge in an interesting way that represents a gallery or take it a step further and decorate your whole fridge, head to toe, with Polaroid pictures. Lastly, you could buy unique magnets that add a more colorful look to reminders and ‘to-do’ lists that are posted on the fridge.


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Written By: Jennifer Kaite

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