Our Trusty Kitchen Cleaners Explained


Spring has finally sprung! And our least favorite part of the season has arrived as well: Spring Cleaning! Yes, you heard it right folks. No one enjoys the time and effort spent on staying in on those sunny days to clean your entire home. Luckily, 1st Source has a way to cut your cleaning time in half! We have provided you with a list of our trusty kitchen cleaners and how they are used. Read below for more information.

Hydrobalance – 16 OZ Icemaker Cleaner

This product removes slime and scale buildup in your icemaker. It is a fast acting, non-foaming cleaner that restores efficiency of your icemaker. With Nickel Or Tin-Plated Evaporators- Contains Only Food Grade Ingredients. Meets Manitowoc specification for Ice Machine Cleaner. You can find this product on our online store. 


  • Turn off the ice maker
  • Wait 5-10 minutes for the ice to fall into storage bin. Remove all ice from bin.
  • Unscrew the drain cap from the bottom of the water pan located inside the storage bin.
  • Allow water to drain completely.
  • Replace the drain cap securely on the water pan.
  • Read and follow step-by-step directions provided on the cleaner bottle.
  • Use 16-oz of the approved icemaker cleaner.


Lemi-Shine Original Powder – 12 OZ

Helps to reduce and remove hard water and mineral spots and film on dishes during the main wash cycle. This super concentrated powder removes Lime, Calcium, Iron & Other Mineral Deposits & Stains, Cleans & Deodorizes Dishwashers. You can find this product on our online store.


  • Pour entire contents of one pouch into detergent receptacle or bottom of empty washing machine
  • Fill pre-wash receptacle with your favorite detergent** (If only one receptacle is present, fill half with Lemi Shine® and half with detergent or place detergent in bottom of dishwasher)
  • Set wash cycle temperature to warm and start cycle as normal


Glisten Garbage Disposer Cleaner

Glisten Disposer Cleaner gets deep into the hidden areas and foams away the toughest grunge and foul odors while freshening your whole kitchen. Provides a 3 to 4 minute self-cleaning that thoroughly scrubs, cleans, and degreases all internal surfaces and drain


  • Start with turned off, empty disposer.
  • Run a strong stream of hot water into the sink with disposer for one minute, reduce to a trickle
  • With disposer off and water still at a trickle, insert one biodegradable packet into the disposer
  • Turn on disposer
  • Blue cleaning foam may rinse into sink(s)
  • Cleaning cycle is complete when cleaning foam entirely disappears from disposer
  • Turn off disposer when complete


Cooktop Cleaner

Cooktop Cleaner is safe for use on ALL smooth top ranges including radiant and halogen. Formulated for heavy-duty cleaning without scratching, this product is best for removing tough stains while regular use helps maintain shine and performance. The formula does not contain silicone or other substances that could harm the cooktop surface. You can find various brands of cooktop cleaner here as well as cleaning pads and a scraper for the surface.


  • Remove any burnt-on food with a single-edged blade razor or scraper
  • Apply a quarter-sized amount to a cool cooktop surface
  • Rub with dry paper towel cleaning pad
  • Buff Surface with a soft cloth or paper towel

** Cooktop Cleaner works well on any glass surface including shower doors and can also be used on porcelain, cultured marble (as found in bathrooms), faux marble and Stainless Steel Sinks and cookware; however, it should not be used on Stainless Steel appliance surfaces.

Micro Bryte

Micro Bryte Appliance Cleaner Spray is an extra-strength cleaner that quickly & easily cleans grease, grime and food spills inside microwaves, refrigerators and on all kitchen appliances and counter surfaces.

Not for use on stainless steel surfaces. 16 oz. spray bottle.Quickly cleans dried starches (like potatoes and noodles) and greases (like bacon). Safe to use around food preparation surfaces – non-toxic. Great on painted appliances such as black stainless steel & slate


Heavy duty degreaser cuts through grease, oil, and burned on spills with ease. This degreaser works exceptionally on burners, grates, vent hoods, spill pans, and grills. For more information about this product click here.


  • Simply spray cleaner onto stainless steel surfaces and wipe clean.


 Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless steel cleaner and cleaning wipes effectively clean fingerprints, smudges and residue left behind from daily useFor more information about this product click here.


  • Simply spray cleaner onto stainless steel surfaces and wipe clean.


For a complete list of all our appliance cleaners, click here!

By: Kyra Sweeney

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