Keeping Your Laundry Room Clean and Organized


Whether you are just doing laundry for yourself or you have a house full of children that make never-ending piles of clothes that need to be washed, doing laundry can get overwhelming if you are working in a messy space.  Washer and dryer units take up a lot of room wherever they are in your home, not to mention the extensive space that is occupied by laundry baskets and piles of clean or dirty clothes. Here are some great ways to clean and organize where you do your laundry that will make the process of doing laundry much easier for you. 

24036822_s1. Keep a garbage can close to the dryer-this way you can dispose of lint when necessary and you don’t end up throwing it on the floor. Removing lint from your dryer is important because if you don’t, your dryer will actually need to work harder and use more energy to do its job. This can raise your energy bill, and cause future headaches because it will take longer for your dryer to actually dry your clothes.

2. Make your own ironing board-if your laundry room is not big enough to set up an ironing board in it, make your own that you can set on top of your washer or dryer. You can do this by stapling batting scraps and quilting cotton fabric onto a piece of  plywood that is  cut to your desired size. You can do the ironing right on your washer or dryer this way, which saves a lot of space. If you are not the DIY type, you can buy a table-top ironing board that is small enough to put on your washer or dryer as well.10323437_s

3. Hang up a line for lost socks-nothing is more frustrating than having 6 different unmatched socks in a single load of laundry.  No one knows how or why this happens so often, but when you are unloading your laundry from the dryer, hang up the lonely socks without a match on string with a clothes pin to keep track of them. Putting the unmatched socks in a designated bin works as well. Having a retractable line or a drying rack right in your laundry room to hang up clothes that cannot be put in the dryer is an important addition you may want to add as well.

4. Rolling rack/shelf-If there is space between your washer or dryer and a wall, slide a small rolling rack in the open space. This rack can hold your detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and stain removers all in one place.

6756447_s5. Sort ahead of time-Keep at least three hampers down by your washer, one for colors, denim, whites, etc. that you can sort your clothes in, instead of putting them in piles on the floor, or not separating them at all!  If you have a large family, and all take turns doing your own laundry, you can also have designated laundry bins for each person instead of sorting by color.19661739_s6. Lost and found-it is important to always check the pockets of your clothes before putting them into the washer. Put a jar on top of your washer or dryer, or on a shelf, that you can put in loose change or small items that you find inside pockets to keep the area clean.

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Written By: Marissa Watroba

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