Front Load vs. Top Load Washer


The sales associate slowly backs away as you argue with your mother in the middle of the appliance store. You try to tell her that the front load washer is the best choice and she counters that argument by telling you about how long the family has relied in the top load washer. This has been a pretty controversial subject ever since the front load washer made a comeback in the early 2000’s.

Well, we are here to share a little secret with you…

After doing the research for ourselves and reading the (many) mixed reviews from customers we have come to this conclusion, high efficiency is the key.

As time goes on, our society is constantly innovating and that includes our appliances. Both the Top-load and Front-load washing machines have pros and cons and we are going to list a few below.


Top- Load Washers:



You have two choices when purchasing a top-load washer, agitator or no agitator? What are the pros and cons of an agitator? A positive of the agitator model is that it is cost efficient and has less maintenance. A negative is the movement of the machine, it can cause more damage to your clothes.

The agitator shakes and rotates clothes as they bounce off of it, which can be harder on delicate clothing and can stretch knitted clothes overtime. This movement can fail to properly remove stains; you will still have to pre-treat the stain before washing. The basin is also smaller in the agitator washing machine, so you can not fit as much inside for each load.

A high efficiency washing machine works very similar and is still cost efficient, varying in price only slightly. The first benefit is that the washer is gentler on clothing. The impeller motion of the machine moves the clothes through the water, having them bounce off of each other, rather than against the agitator, which also provides a better clean for your clothes. It also fits larger loads making washing blankets or towels easier.

Another benefit is that the machine is energy efficient by using less water, because of this there is a special detergent required. You will need to find a low suds detergent that has the “H.E.” on the bottle. As the machine washes your clothes it spins faster which extracts more water from your clothes, resulting in less time in the dryer. Also, because there is no agitator it is easier to get clothes out of the washing machine. Other benefits include the lower vibration for a quitter cycle and no mold/mildew issues.

So as you can see the top-load washer is still a good choice when purchasing a new washer. Let’s take a look at the front-load option.


Front-Load Washer:

56812680 - female 's hands putting  dirty clothes into washing machine

The front load washer is another good choice and has many of the same benefits as the high efficiency top load washer. The motion of the washer is the same and provides the best stain removing without pre-treating. It uses 5 fewer gallons per load, resulting in, on average, 2,000 less gallons of  water consumption a year.  Similar to the high efficiency top-load washer, it spins faster extracting more water from your clothing and it is quieter during the cycle. Another positive of the front load is the design. Because the front load is on its side, the spinning motion puts gravity to work as your clothes spin around in the cycle, providing a high quality clean.

Some cons include the mildew problem, but this varies in intensity among consumers. It can be prevented by cracking the door open between cycles, and cleaning your washing machine once a month with a cleaner or bleach. Also, cycles take a little longer to complete. Approximately 70-80 minutes.


In the end it comes down to a few choices, personal taste, the size of your laundry room and if it is difficult for you to bend down to load and unload your washing machine.

Also, repairs seem to be relatively the same on both models. Either way 1st Source Servall has you covered. Visit our website for any washer parts or tools you may need!

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Written By: Jennfier Kaite

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