The Fridge of the Future!


Let’s talk about the Refrigerator. Let’s be honest, it’s the fan favorite in the appliance family. It’s the most important because it holds the food. It also displays the achievements of the household, exhibits the young artists work and the place where you leave cute notes to your loved ones like “WE’RE OUT OF MILK!”

So, with all these awesome benefits, how could the fridge get any better? We’re glad you asked. Thanks to major advances in technology, it just got 1000x’s better…

Cell phones aren’t the only things getting smarter, so are our appliances!  For example, companies like LG and Samsung have brought us the “Smart Fridge,” which can do some pretty amazing things.

We’ve all been there, you are hanging around the house all day and you make a trip to the fridge on multiple occasions. You open the door, stand there, realize there isn’t anything good and then close it. Well, with a new feature of the smart fridge is the transparent door. So, instead of opening the door and wasting the energy you can just press a button and view the inside.

Other smart fridges have a similar feature called the ‘view inside’ of your refrigerator. There are actually small cameras in the door that take a picture of what is inside your fridge every time you open and close it…whoa. You can pull this photo up on the screen and then drag day icons to each item to label when they expire. If you happen to be out of something and don’t feel, or don’t have time, to go to the store you can now order groceries from an app on the fridge. You can also take an inventory of the contents of your fridge and even have it suggest recipes for each item. Which brings me to the next feature; because the fridge is connected to the internet you can search recipes and display them on the touch screen. No need to worry about getting a recipe book dirty and having no place to put it as you cook.

The temperatures are also very cool, no pun intended. You have three different zones, the fridge, freezer, and flex zone. The flex zone is an added space that lets you control the temperature according to what you want to store in there. Fore example, if you want to store meat you can change the temperature accordingly, or if you want to just store juice, vegetables or cold cuts, you can adjust it.

Some other helpful extras include, a music app, mirror television connection, weather reports, connection to your Google calendar and a fun draw tool. Let’s say you’re in the middle of a good movie or TV show but you have to get up and cook dinner, you can now connect your TV to your fridge so whatever you are currently watching will be sent to the screen on the fridge, so you can continue your show.

You can also sing along to your favorite tunes using your spatula microphone with the music app. And you can continue writing those nice messages on the fridge with the draw tool. You can even display your family photos with the gallery tab and display the google calendar so you can easily coordinate your busy life with others in the family.

Overall, the smart fridge is a pretty outstanding invention. The fridge of the future does come at a price, though. Some refrigerators range from around $4300-$5600, but as technology develops it may go further down in price. Until then we can always window shop!

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Written By: Jennfier Kaite

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