Cleaning Your Washer’s Lint Trap


Did you know the lint trap located in your washer machine needs to be cleaned? Sometimes after taking a load of laundry out of the washer, we forget a small but huge step that goes a long way, cleaning the lint trap. You may need to replace your Washer Lint Trap (or your water filter) if your clothes display a furry coat of lint on them. Here are some basic FAQ’s about lint traps.

What is a Washing Machine Lint Trap?

Some Washing Machines contain cleanable filters while others have a lint trap. Lint filters and traps have the same function though, to keep lint off of your clothes. You may need to replace your Washing Machine’s Lint Trap if yours is cracked, broken, missing, or if your clothes have a layer of lint on them.

Where is the Lint Trap Located?

The location of your lint trap will all depend what the model of your washing machine is and how old it is. Reference your owner’s operating or repair manual to find exactly where your lint trap is located. If you threw yours out, you can purchase a Repair Manual here.

– Some Washer filters can be found along the top rim of the washer tub. If you run your fingers by the top or of the washer drum you will locate the Lint Screen, just simply pull it out and remove the lint on that.

– Some filters are found inside the center agitator. If you can pull out the center agitator, it will be located near the bottom where it is attached to the tub.

– The Lint trap or filter may just been a small removable screen located by the water pump or you may find it at the end of the drainage hose. A small mesh screen might be on the end of the hose where the water drains out of the machine.

– It may be located on the bottom of the front panel. These are common on front loading washer machines. These filters catch items that are left in pockets that can clog the pump, drain and potentially ruin your clothes. If your particular model has one, you will see a small door. You simply open the door, pull out the trap, remove it manually and rinse it off with water.

New Washers Do not have Lint Traps!

Keep in mind that some newer models of washing machines do not have a removable, cleanable lint filter. Instead of having a lint trap, these newer models have a water pump filter to get rid of excess lint from the washer.  It is still important to clean the washing machine and run a cleaning cycle to get rid of unwanted lint. If your washer machine is still producing a layer of lint on your clothes then you may need to replace the filter at your water pump. Be sure to clean the water pump often to ensure that the water is flowing out efficiently and taking the lint with it so it doesn’t redeposit on your clothes.

How to Clean Your Lint Trap!

  • If the screen is removable, soak the screen in hot water for 10 minutes to get rid of residue on it
  • If the filter is in a secured place, remove the lint from it with a soft brush or a paper towel
  • If the trap is disposable, you can simply purchase a new lint trap, screen, or filter and replace it when it has become clogged

Make sure to clean your lint trap every 3 months so it doesn’t affect the washing machines cleaning cycle, a better drainage, and a reduced amount of lint deposited on your clothes.

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