Product Pick of the Week: Zip Foam Coil Cleaner



Welcome to our new series, every week we will be selecting a new part or product we sell and explaining its use and importance. This article will talk about Zip Foam Coil Cleaner used for your air conditioner and other units. Have you ever wondered what you can do to improve how you’re A/C unit works?  Luckily 1st Source Servall will explain all the ways this product will be useful in your home!

Zip Foam Condenser coil cleaners are designed for air conditioners, ice makers, and other units. They can help keep these units clean and bacteria free by easily removing dirt, grease, oil and other greasy substances that build up in you units.


Product Overview:

  • For use in coils like window air conditioners, rooftop units, central air systems and more.
  • Self-rinsing foam cleaner
  • Heavy-duty detergent to remove dirt, grease, and oil from units with coils.
  • Will not harm drain pans, plastic, or other unpainted materials.
  • Reduces future dirt accumulation


How to use:

First, disconnect the power source to your appliance and remove any heavy soils with a brush or a vacuum. Shake the bottle well and the Zip Foam Coil Cleaner should be sprayed directly on the AC coils, make sure you coat the coils evenly and thoroughly. The best time to do this is on a warm day when your air conditioner will be running; when condensate water is running it helps rinse the coils. After you have sprayed the cleaner on the coils, wait five minutes to allow the cleaner to soak the coils. If you clean your units when it is running you do not have to rinse anything off. If your unit is not running, you must rinse the coils with water using a spray bottle.55594410_l.jpg


The reason to use:

The Zip Foam Coil Cleaner helps maintain your units clean. This is important because dirty coils reduce efficiency, increase your electricity usage, causes equipment to wear, tear, and it contributes to poor indoor air quality. This cleaner will remove greasy lint, film, and other smelly contaminates, along with increasing the lifetime of your unit.


This product may have one major use, but it is highly important to maintain your appliances, to increase its lifetime. You can find this product here for an inexpensive price for priceless results. Check in next week to see our featured product of the week!

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