Eliminate Pet Hair From Your Washer For Good!     


Pets are cute and cuddly but having pets around can easily become a nightmare when you are dealing with pet hair. Any pet owner will know how difficult it is to completely remove pet hair from your bedding, clothes, furniture, and washing machine.

It’s already hard enough getting rid of your pet’s hair from your clothing but when it’s stuck to your washing machine it can become problematic. When pet hair gets wet, it  clumps together and can cause the drain to clog.  We stress that it is important to get the pet hair off before throwing them into the wash.

Where ever your furry pet goes they will leave a trail which means where they sleep will end up having the most pet hair. Cats and dogs will sleep anywhere whether it is on your bed, the couch, their own personal bed or the rug. If your little friend sleeps with you, it is most likely that their hair can stick to your sheets, and clothing.


 While lint Rollers, masking tape or anything sticky can pick up any pet hair from your clothing. It is more difficult when dealing with your bedding because you don’t want to spend hour lint rolling your sheets. Damp a rubber glove with water and run your hand over your blankets or sheets to pick up any pet hair that may be on them.

Throwing in your bedding or clothes in the dryer before putting it in the washer will actually help soften and trap the pet hair in the lint trap. Be sure to only put in your bedding or garments in for 10 minutes with a no-heat dryer cycle.


During the washing cycle, throw in a half-cup of white vinegar. Vinegar helps soften the fabrics and will loosen the pet hair during the washing cycle.


After you’ve finished washing your items make sure that you clean your washer because there might be some pet hair left over and you don’t want it to build up and eventually clog your drain. Run an empty wash cycle and then use a wet cloth to wipe down your washer tub.


We hope you found this to be helpful! For more appliance tips and help you can check out our website http://www.1stsourceservall.com/. You can also find any part or accessories you may need. Please be sure to like this post and share it with friends fighting a battle with pet hair!

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