Appliances to take extra care of during the summer: A/C Units


Warm summer days are spent swimming and soaking up in the sun, but did you know that your appliances are affected by the summer heat? The extreme heat conditions can get the best of your appliances if you are not keeping an eye on them. The heat causes your appliances to work harder than they are designed to and can cause them to wear out, work less efficiently, and break down.

It is important to maintain these appliances to ensure they’re in great condition as you’re getting ready for summer! Here are some tips on what you can do to make sure your appliances don’t give out on you this summer.

A/C Units

Summer can be intolerable without an Air Conditioner, along with cooling down your house; AC units remove moisture in the air. When the temperature rises, so does humidity and this causes you AC to work harder.

  • Install a dehumidifier; this will decrease the amount of moisture and humidity in your home and will allow your AC to work entirely on cooling your home.
  • Clean the filters and condenser coils, your AC will work more efficiently and will help it last longer.
  • Clean around the outdoor unit, remove any plant or debris growth by making sure nothing is within 2-5 feet around your AC. You can use a Coil Brush to clean the fins, fans, and coils of your AC.


We hope you found this to be helpful! For more help and maintenance tips you can check out our website  You can also find any part or accessories you may need. Please be sure to like this post and share it with friends to help them out with their appliances and check out our post next week for more appliances to take extra care of during the summer!


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