Gas VS. Electric Dryer  


Need a new dryer but do not know what kind? Well lucky for you there are two different kinds of dryers you can choose from. Some prefer to buy electric dryers over gas dryers or vice versa.

 Before you purchase a clothes dryer, you will need to understand the difference between the two types because Electric and Gas both have their pros and cons.Although the difference between electric and gas dryers are how they are powered by but decades of testing reveled that they both perform similarly.


Electric Dryer

Electric dryers use heating coils to dry clothes. These dryers use electricity to power motors to control the blowers and dryer drum. Electric dryers typically require more power because it uses a 240-volt current.


  • Electric dryers are typically less expensive to buy
  • Electric dryers are the big sellers.
  • Do not require a gas line
  • Do not need to be vented to the outside
  • Require little space
  • Have a long lifetime


  • Can be costly over time because of the needed energy to run
  • An electric dryer typically costs between and cents per load to dry.
  • Not energy efficient
  • Slow drying time
  • Greater fire risk


Gas Dryer

Do not be fooled by gas dryers because although they generate heat inside the dryer, they are still powered by electricity. Electricity powers the motors in a gas dryer in order for it to work. Gas dryers typically require access to a 110-volt electrical outlet and a gas hookup.


  • Less expensive upkeep
  • Faster drying time
  • Gentle on fabric
  • Less fire risk
  • Energy efficient


  • More expensive initially
  • Gas line required
  • Vent required
  • Require more space for gas line for venting
  • Requires an expertise to install a gas line
  • Does not have a long lifetime





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