Product Pick of the Week: Pure H2O Water Filters


Welcome to our new series, every week we will be selecting a new part or product we sell and explaining its use and importance. This article will talk about Pure H20 Refrigerator water filters. Replacing your refrigerator filter is highly important and these new filters have the right type for your specific refrigerator. Today, 1st Source Servall will explain all the ways this product is useful and how it improves the cleanliness of your water!

Pure H2O refrigerator filters offer compatible filters for any top refrigerator brands, such as Whirlpool, Samsung, GE, LG and more. Refrigerator water filter removes particles and other contaminants from the water that goes through your refrigerator’s water and ice dispenser.

Product Overview:

  • Removes unwanted particles in your refrigerator’s water
  • Provides cleaner, fresher water by reducing about 99.06% of chlorine and odor
  • Designed to provide up to 6 months (200 Gallons)
  • Does not remove minerals that may be beneficial to your health
  • An alternative to more expensive substitutes

How to use:

Below is step-by-step installation directions based on the type of water filter for your specific refrigerator.

Push-in Filter: First, remove the old filter by pushing the “eject” button. Line up the arrows on the filter cap and the new filter; snap it into place by turning it clockwise. Push the filter until the eject button pops, make sure the cap is secure. Lastly, reset the refrigerator water filter light.

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In-line filter: First, turn off the cold water supply, then locate the portion of tubing which should be between the refrigerator and shut-off valve. Now, you have to cut the tubing by using tubing cutters, to avoid leaks, cut squares not angles. Remove the end cap on the new filter and insert the tubing. Lock it into place by holding down the end cap, and then turn the water supply back on. Hold the filter over a bucket and run water until it’s clear, do this for both ends of the filter. Lastly, check for any leaks.


Twist- in filter (base grille): First, locate the filter cap, turn it counter-clockwise to remove. Slide the handle of the filter to the end of the filter to reuse it on the new filter. Throw out the old filter, and then replace the filter handle by twisting it into place. Lastly, reset the refrigerator water filter light.

Twist-in filter (interior): First, locate the filter which is in the upper right interior of the refrigerator. Open the cover by pulling or pushing; release the old filter by twisting it counter-clockwise. Insert the new filter and snap it in place by turning it clockwise. Lastly, reset the refrigerator water filter light.

The reason to use:

The Pure H2O refrigerator water filter removes particles in your water, provides more fresh and clean water, and it is less expensive than other refrigerator water filters. If you need a filter that is inexpensive, last long, and provide more clean water than most, this is the water filter for you!


This product filters and removes contaminants from your refrigerator water. You can find a water filter for your refrigerator here for an inexpensive price for priceless results. Check in next week to see our featured product of the week!

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