What Fabrics Can and Can’t be Dried?


The worst day of the week…you know…the one no one looks forward to.  You separate your lights from your darks and your towels and whatever you may have. That all goes in the washer. Phew! That’s a job all on it’s own. Now, it’s time for the tricky part. Do you dry everything for the sole reason that you enjoy having warm clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer? Or do you hang dry everything? We did some research and found out what fabrics are safe to put in your dryer and what fabrics you might want to hang dry or take to the dry cleaner.

Fabrics that can be dried:

  • Acrylic: Due to the fact that this is a synthetic fiber it is generally used for knit-styles (such as sweaters) that feel like wool. To be safe dry this on low heat. *(acrylic has the ability to build up static…how neat is that? Be careful not to get shocked from item you’re pulling out of the dryer
  • Cotton: Be careful about the percentage of cotton and the type of cotton. If it is 100% well then there’s a 100% chance your shirt may come out smaller than you thought! If you are concerned about shrinking your cotton clothing, dry your clothing on low heat.
  • Linen: It is spun and woven like cotton is. This fabric creases very easily! This type of fabric may shrink in the dryer and it’s extremely difficult to get rid of creases in this type of fabric.
  • Microfiber: This fabric can be found in athletic apparel, skirts, jackets even some suits! It is dryer safe but be sure it’s on a cool setting
  • Nylon: This type of material is safe to put in the dryer. Be sure to dry on low heat to avoid unwanted creases. Watch out for the static build up!
  • Polyester: Polyester can be found in arrange of different clothing apparel. You can dry polyester clothing items on low heat setting.
  • Silk: Sometimes you can get away with washing and drying silk. To be 100% positive be sure to check the clothing care label.
  • Wool: As some of you might know, wool is made from the fleece of a sheep, goat, or alpaca. Wool will shrink in the dryer. Wash your wool clothing items in cold water and lay them flat to dry.

Fabrics NOT to dry:

  • Cashmere: Cashmere is safe to wash but not dry! Do not iron or hang dry this fabric because it will lose its shape. It’s best to leave this type of fabric to the professionals.
  • Embellished items: Clothing that appears to have beads, sequins, or even writing on it that can melt and fall apart in the dryer. The beads can become damaged and even fall off. Take these item to your local dry cleaner or simply just wash the item then hang dry it just to be safe
  • Lace: This is super delicate and can rip in the dryer from rubbing against other clothing items. Hang dry this or take it to the dry cleaner.
  • Spandex: If the percentage is low (and I mean like really low) are more than okay to be dried. However, pieces with a higher percentage of spandex cannot be dried and should be hung up.
  • Rayon: This will most likely shrink in the dryer because it is between a synthetic and a natural fabric. When rayon is wet it’s prone to shrinking and can possibly stretch unevenly if not handled carefully. You should hang this up if you want your clothes to fit you after you’re done cleaning them.
  • Suede: Drying these items (especially if it is a polyurethane) or a pleather (polyester and leather) it will peel and crack off of your clothing item. To be 100% sure that these clothing items don’t become damaged either wipe them down with a cloth and water or simply take it to the dry cleaner or leather specialist.

After you dry your clothing be sure to clean the Lint Screen!

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