Dishwasher Mistakes You’re Currently Doing


Dishwashers were created to make life a little bit easier by washing our dishes for us. It seems all fairly easy. All you have to do is put your dishes in and press the button but …there’s a good chance millions of us have been doing it wrong.

Here we have 7 things to avoid when using the dishwasher:

Overfilling it with too many dishes.
if you want to preserve your dishes try to not overfill your dishwasher because having your dishes too close can break or scratch.

Plates full of food
Stop throwing your dishes full of food in the dishwasher because sometimes it gets difficult for even the best dishwashers out there. If you have a lot of leftovers, just toss them in the trash first

Putting things on the wrong rack
Just remember that cups, glasses, bowls and big utensils go on the top rack. Plates, pots and pans stay below. Yes. It does matter

Using too much detergent.
“Less is more” With that being said, extra detergent does not mean your dishes will be “extra” clean. Instead, too much soap will leave a gunky film over your dishes.

Running the dishwasher half-filled.
Don’t waste water and run your dishwasher partially filled. Try to conserve water or you need to just stick to hand washing dishes

Blocking the sprayer.
It’s tough to have your dishes be squeaky clean if your dishes are covering the dishwasher’s sprayer. Make sure you don’t cover the dishwasher’s sprayer

Putting your utensils to close.
If you always have dirty utensils,  chances are your spoons might have been to close  for them to be “spooning”. If your utensils get to close to each other they won’t get the proper washing.


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