An Appliance That Folds Your Clothes for You?


Folding the laundry and putting it away can be very time consuming especially if you have a family. So many clothes, towels, and linens but there is simply not enough time in the day to actually sit down and get this task done. Now there is an appliance that will fold your clothes, steam them, and even spray them with a fragrance all under one minute!

What is it?

Gal Rozov is the CEO and creator of FoldiMate. FoldiMate is a robotic clothing folder. He believes this appliance will make your spouse happy and save yourself a lot of time. FoldiMate will fold and treat your laundry garments such as towels, shirts, pants but not socks and undergarments

How does it work?

You simply clip your 15-20 garments depending on the thickness of the fabric push the start button and the machine does the rest! Analyzes the garment, fold it, steams it, sprays it with a fragrance, and then loads it in the tray.

Will it fit in My Laundry Room?

It is the size of an average washer/dryer. FoldiMate is 66 pounds and is the size of an average washer and dryer (71cm x 81 cm x 79cm) Gal Rozov guarantees this appliance will fit in your laundry room. If you have a front loader washer or dryer you can simply place it on top of that, a table, or a countertop

How Much Does it Cost?

This appliance will cost you $700-$850. When you think about it, is a great deal!

Foldimate has not hit the market yet though. They are still figuring out manufacturing. Online you can place a pair pre-order 12 to 18 months for the appliance.  For $85 or more it will take 10% off of the cost of the appliance! Next units to be shipped will be to individuals that register their email. The first units shall be shipped sometime in 2018.

Why not save yourself some time and place a pre-order with Foldimate today? Get the whole family involved so you aren’t the only individual washing, drying, and folding the clothes.

While you’re at it be sure to check to see if your washer and dryer are operating efficiently. If you need to replace any parts for your appliances please visit

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