Do You Call It A Range, Stove or Oven?


Some call it a stove, other calls it a range and majority calls it an oven. So what is the real name of that big thing that you cook food on? Well, it pretty much variates on the appliance alone on how you should address it.
To clear up all of the confusion, we have the real definition of these terms so you will be able to differentiate which one is a range, oven or stove.


The majority of people refer to this big box as the oven even when some of them aren’t actually an oven. An oven is an enclosed chamber to heat food. So with that being said, anything that is outside of the chamber (gas and electric burners) is not considered an oven. An oven and be anything that is enclosed such as a countertop toaster oven, and an industrial oven.


A stove is an enclosed space that provides heat by using fuel. This sounds pretty similar to an oven but not every stove is an oven, but all ovens are stoves.
The main difference between a stove and an oven is that stoves include a stove top whether it is a gas burner, electric burner and even wood fire to a griddle.
Stovetops are part of a stove but they can also work alone. A cooktop or Hob is a stove top that exists on its own. Cooktops can be commercial or residential.


A Range is the big tree of the two. This typically is both of the oven and stove combined. Chances are, you most likely have a range at home but have just been calling it an oven or stove this entire time. This is the most preferred appliance because it combines the oven and stove.


So here you have it! I hope you enjoyed our blog and learned something about the differences of these appliances. If you enjoyed reading this, check us out on our online store Please leave a comment and share! 

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