Product Pick of the Week: Solar Powered Weather Radio


Welcome to our series, every week we will be selecting a new part or product we sell and explaining its use and importance. This article will talk about NOAA Solar Powered Weather Radio which activates when dangerous weather alerts are issued. This radio has other functions which will be explained below! 1st Source Servall will explain all the ways this product will be useful in and outside your household.

This portable solar powered weather radio provides severe weather alerts so you can stay informed even during a power outage! It is ideal while boating, camping, hiking, or just being at home. The hand crank can generate up to 30 minutes of operation for every one minute you crank it and it can receive seven different weather band channels. Enjoy the outdoors with this gadget designed with precision and ensures outstanding performance.


Product Overview:

  • Weather radio with AM/FM solar panel
  • LED flashlight
  • Mini USB adapter & mini USB port
  • Blue backlight changes to red during weather alerts
  • Cranking time of 1 Minute equals 30 minutes of use
  • 5mm headphone jack
  • Solar panel powers the radio all day when in sunlight



How to use:


  • When the low battery symbol appears, charge the radio by the solar panel, hand crank, or USB. Turn off the radio before charging. The red LED charging light will illuminate to show that the radio is being charged and the green light will show that the radio is fully charged. You can also charge your cell phone by connecting the phone to the mini USB jack and using the hand crank to charge it.


  • Simply place the radio outside with the solar panel in direct sunlight and the radio will be fully charged in 10-12 hours.

Hand Crank

  • The crank is located on the back of the radio, to use it extend the crank out and steadily rotate it clockwise about 130 cycles/minute. The red charge light indicates the cranking speed is fast enough and one minute of cranking results to thirty minutes of power.


  • Extend the antenna out and place it near a window to receive a strong signal and to avoid static or noisy reception.

Weather Band Channels

  • The weather alert radio can receive 7 weather band frequencies
  • Channel 1: 162.400MHz
  • Channel 2: 162.425MHz
  • Channel 3: 162.450MHz
  • Channel 4: 162.475MHz
  • Channel 5: 162.500MHz
  • Channel 6: 162.525MHz
  • Channel 7: 162.550MHz

Weather Alert

  • The radio has to be in weather band mode to receive alerts and the volume will increase to level 16 for five minutes so you can hear the alert tone and the broadcast. While the alert is sounding for five minutes, press and release the MODE button to place the radio back to weather band standby. Weather band standby (WB) silences the weather radio until an alert is sound. The radio will automatically go back to WB standby after five minutes.


  • Clean with a soft damp cloth and do not use solvent agents
  • Do not put the radio in water
  • Open and close the antenna fully every time it is used
  • Do not leave in extreme heat
  • The radio is not waterproof
  • Do not crank the hand when there is no battery inside


Reason to use:

This Solar Powered Weather Radio is an efficient radio that you can use outdoors or during power outages so you can receive severe weather alerts. It includes AM/FM radio reception, seven weather band channels, USB ports and much more! This product can be very useful in times of weather disasters to ensure your safety.


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