Pros and Cons of Wifi Thermostats


In this day and age technology is continuing to evolve and change. Everything we do on a normal day basis can be done differently and in a shorter period of time. How would you like it if you could control and monitor the heat and air conditioning inside your home without even being there? Here are some pro’s and con’s to think about when purchasing a wi-fi thermostat.


  • Easy Installation: You can easily install your thermostat by yourself and save yourself time and money
  • You’re always hot or cold: You can customize the settings that make sense for each room
  • Digital Display Screen: It’s user-friendly and offers security with password protection
  • Sophisticated Look: It gives your room a touch of modern elegance with its sleek design to your room
  • Thermostat Analytics: You can analyze to see how much you are spending and saving to heat or cool your home
  • Easily Accessible: You can control your thermostat from your phone, laptop, or tablet from anywhere in the world. Just simply download an app to access it from anywhere imaginable.
  • Learning Ability: Your Thermostat will learn your temperature preferences and adjust accordingly. You can change these settings for whatever fits best for you and your home


  • Costly: Since there are features that you wouldn’t find on a standard thermostat it can be costly. But if you want to own something that will make your life easier then you will not worry about the cost. These hi-tech thermostats can save you money in the future!
  • They are not for everyone: If you can barely operate your smartphone then wifi thermostat’s may not be for you. If you think you can handle this type of technology then go right ahead!
  • Temporary Living: They can be costly and if you will not be in your home for long it wouldn’t be a wise investment or maybe the next person will enjoy the thermostat who knows!
  • Compatibility: Don’t quickly jump to installing a wifi thermostat if you are not sure if the HVAC system is compatible. Do your research to make sure that the wifi thermostat and HVAC system are compatible.


A Smart Wifi Thermostat can change how you live. You can easily save money and cut costs by being able to change the settings on your wifi right from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Upgrade your home and purchase a wifi thermostat today!

Tell us your thoughts about wifi thermostats! Would you purchase one?

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