Household Appliances with Surprising and Unusual Uses


Did you ever buy an appliance and well you know? Use it? Well sure, all appliances have a purpose for purchasing it but what you might not know is that they can probably be used on something you’ve never thought about.

Here we have listed a few cool and unusual uses of your home appliance:


Removing crayon from the wall

You probably never thought of using your blow dryer to remove crayon marks before, but now that I’ve mentioned it you might actually try it. When your kids get bored of paper and start getting creative on your wall it becomes a hassle to get your little Picasso’s artwork off. Before you have a mental break down, quickly grab your blow-dryer and apply heat to the crayon marks.  The wax from the crayon should start to melt off. Once the wax starts to melt you should now be able to get a paper towel or sponge and wipe the artwork off.

Starting a fire

It is a no brainer that a hair dryer produces heat, but did you know you can actually warm up your house? It might seem a little crazy but if you do not want to fill your entire house with smoke, a blow dryer might be a good alternative by blasting hot air to your wood in your chimney. 


Disinfect your sponge

Whether it is your kitchen sponge or whatever the case may be, your microwave can actually disinfect it. The radiation from the microwave can actually kill most of the bacteria in the sponge. All you have to do is wet the sponge and pop it into the microwave for about a minute.

Rice Cooker:

Warm up your towel

If you’ve been to the spa or anywhere fancy you’ve probably felt those soft and warm towels. The truth is, towel warming cabinets can be extremely pricey.  A rice cooker can be a non-expensive alternative! Your rice cooker can actually steam your towels without breaking the bank.


Cook salmon

You’re probably reading this asking why someone would cook food in the dishwasher. If you want to get a little creative instead of just cooking your fish in the oven, then the dishwasher is a great alternative. All you have to do is wrap your salmon in two layers of tinfoil and place it on the top rack, then set it on the normal dishwashing cycle without detergent. The dishwasher’s hot water will be hot enough to evenly cook your fish.

Coffee Maker:

More than just coffee

The coffee maker can actually make more than just coffee. A coffee maker can actually poach chicken, boil eggs and even brew beer.

Stand Mixer:

Shred meat quicker

Shredding meat made easier by using a stand mixer. Using a fork is so over rated and time-consuming.  Let’s face it; we all would prefer to use something that does not consume a lot of time. The stand mixer will easily shred your meat without you having to break a sweat.




So here you have it! I hope you enjoyed our blog. If you enjoyed reading this, check us out on our online store Please leave a comment and share! 

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