Product Pick Of the week: Lint Catching Brush


Welcome to our series, every week we will be selecting a new part or product we sell and explaining its use and importance. This article will talk about the Lint Catching Brush that goes in and brings out lint from the dryer traps. 1st Source Servall will explain the way the lint catching brush is used in your drying machine and how it reduces fire hazards within your dryer.


Product Overview:

Lint buildup in dryer traps can be a fire hazard or can contribute to many other breakdown problems. This lint catching brush is 30″ long and will work on over 90% of dryers, whether the trap is on the top of the bottom. This product makes removing the lint in your drying machine easier and will reduce the possibility of fire hazards.

  • Lint buildup can be a fire hazard and can contribute to other breakdowns.
  • 30-inch long brush goes in to bring out lint from dryer traps.
  • Pulls out lint from dryer traps to help improve your appliance’s performance.
  • Hard polypropylene bristles grab onto lint.


How to use:

Using this product is easy, simply stick the brush into the dryer trap after removing the lint filter and move it around, then pull it out and remove the lint that is on the brush.


Reason to use:

This Lint Catching Brush to clean out your dryer’s lint trap will help improve air movement, minimize energy consumption and lower the risk of fire. This product is an easy way to maintain your dryers cleanliness and annual dryer vent cleaning can help save you dollars in repairs and substitute.


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