12 Ways to Save Energy in Your Laundry Room


Do you ever feel like you’re wasting all of your energy and money in the laundry room? What if there was a way to cut that electric and water bill in half? Use these tips and tricks in your laundry room to save energy and money with you washer and your dryer units.


  1. Cold Water: You can save money just by washing your clothes in cold water and not hot or even warm water. Separate your clothes that need to be washed in warm water and cold water. Washing your clothes in cold water will reduce the energy that is needed to heat the washing machine.
  2. Run Full Loads: Run full loads of laundry for maximum efficiency. Just be sure not to overload the machine which would make it more difficult for your clothes to get clean.
  3. Update Your Machine: If you don’t own an Energy Star- certified washing machine well then you need to go and purchase one ASAP! These machines use less water
  4. Purchase a Front-Loading Machine: Did you know that a front-loading washing maching unit uses two-thirds less water than a top-loader? Switching to a front- loader washing machine unit will save you money by reducing your electric and water bill!
  5. Cold Water: You do not have to wash every single load of laundry in warm or hot water. You should be using cold water because heating the water uses energy. Consider using cold water to wash your clothes to save yourself some money!
  6. Wash Clothes Less Often: Who says you have to clean your clothes every time you wear them? What if you only wore it for a few hours? Give your clothes a sniff test and wear them again!


  1. Spin Faster: If your dryer has this option, consider switching the setting to a fast spin cycle in the washer so that it takes less time in the dryer.
  2. Clean Lint Filters: Remember to clean your lint filter after every load. Not only will your clothes dry faster, but it’ll save you energy. Plus, not doing so can set the clothes on fire.
  3. Relocate the Dryer:  If possible, consider relocating your dryer machine closer to its exhaust port. The longer the distance the exhaust air has to travel to get outside the more energy the dryer has to use on every cycle.
  4. Gas: Consider switching from an electric to a gas dryer. It is cheaper to dry a load in a gas dryer than an electric dryer.
  5. Run a full load: Instead of running small loads, run full loads of laundry so that your appliance is used to its full potential.
  6. Air Dry: The best way to save energy and go green is to hang dry your clothes, whether you’re inside or outside of your home. Line drying is the most energy efficient option when drying your clothes. (You can even save money on your electric bill by doing this!)

Be sure to also examine the exhaust vent to make sure that it is clean and the flapper hood open and closes easily.

We hope these tips and tricks help you save some energy and money in the laundry room. Let us know how you save energy in your laundry room!

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