Surprising Items you can throw in your washing machine


Have you ever been stuck doing laundry because you were unsure of what you can and cannot wash in your washing machine? Many home owners assume that only clothing and bedding can be washed in your washer, they believe that if they put anything other than clothing it will break down and they will need to repair their washing machine. Although you can’t put everything in your washer, here are some items you would never think to wash in your washing machine!


Pet Leashes or Collars

If you own a little furry friend, you can put their leashes and collar in your washing machine! It is harder to clean dirty or wet leashes and collar. When you wash them, you will want to use a detergent that is sensitive to skin, because the perfumes in regular detergent may irritate your pet’s skin and who would want that! On the other hand, avoid washing any leashes that are made of leather, this type of material should be hand washed. If the leashes or collar has a lot of studs, avoid putting these into the washing machine because the washing process may cause these decorative items to fall off.


Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are for the most part made of the same material as clothing, pillows, and blankets, so they are safe to wash in the washing machine. Every child has a favorite stuffed animal that they lug around, sleep with and that will get dirty. However, if the stuffed animals have parts on them that are not made of cloth (like plastic eyes), wash them inside of a pillowcase to keep these parts safe. You can also try to wash the stuffed animal on the hand wash or gentle cycle of the machine.




Shoes get dirty easily and cleaning them by hand can take a long time, good thing you can wash them in your washing machine! You may want to add a few towels to the load to keep the machine balanced and to decrease the noise while your shoes are being washed. Before putting them into the washing machine, remove laces from nylon sneakers and slip them into a cotton pillowcase so they won’t get tangled. Take out inner soles or padding so it won’t get ruined and wash the shoes on a cold-wash delicate cycle then let them air dry afterward.


Mop Heads


Yes, mop heads are full of disgusting particles from your floor and hand washing it can be sickening, but no worries because you can wash them in your washing machine! First, check the label on the removable mop head to see if it can go into the machine- most are made to be removable for this purpose.


Small rugs and bath mats

People tend to believe that washing small rugs or bath mats in the washing machine will ruin it but, did you know that if your bath mat/rug is not washed regularly it could be making you sick? First, shake the mat outside to remove loose dirt, and then load the rug into the washing machine with some bath towels to balance the load. Set a cold-wash delicate cycle and add half the regular amount of detergent!



You may have never known this before reading this blog, but your washing machine can clean more than just your clothes. Your washing machine can help keep every day- use item clean and free of germs in your household. Next time you notice something in your house that might be able to be cleaned in the washing machine, check online to see if it is safe to wash!

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