Things that should not be in the microwave


Microwaves are fast, easy to use so what can possibly go wrong? Well, a lot can actually. Do not start a fire in your kitchen by doing silly mistakes that can be damaging to your microwave and your home.

Here we have a list of items that you should never put in your microwave:


If you already knew this then you can go ahead and skip to the next item on the list. If you didn’t then, keep reading. You should never put any metals in a microwave. The walls inside the microwave are made out of metal which works like a mirror. If you put metal inside the microwave, it would cause currents of electricity to flow which can possibly cause a spark or fire. This includes aluminum foil, stainless steel and any other types of metals.

Breast Milk:

Microwaving breast milk can potentially burn the sensitive mouth of your child. The microwave can distribute the heat unevenly so when you think the milk isn’t hot it may actually be a lot hotter than you think. Protect your child from future burns by placing a bottle of breast milk in the mug of warm water.

Chinese Takeout Containers:

Although these look very harmless, they can actually start a fire. The metal handles can spark and be damaging to your microwave and home.

Plastic bags, Containers, and Styrofoam:

The chemicals inside the container/any plastic can end up in the food you microwave. This can also be very damaging. They can also cause fires, and emit toxic fumes

Raisins and Grapes:

Raisins and grapes should not be cooked in the microwave because they are susceptible to causing a fire.

Hard Boiled Eggs:

Hard boiled eggs can build rapid heat pressure which can cause it to explode. This will cause a rotten mess


Do not turn on your microwave with nothing inside because a lack of water molecules to absorb the microwaves will be very damaging


Meat should not be cooking or defrost in the microwave. The middle usually takes longer to cook while the edges will start to cook rapidly. If you have a microwave that does not rotate properly then you will end up with uneven distribution of heat.


Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed our blog. If you know anything else that should not be put inside of your microwave please feel free to share! don’t forget to visit

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