How Often Do You Clean Your Refrigerator?


Do you ever open your fridge and have this foul smell hit you? Is that your indication to clean your fridge? Instead of waiting till everything in your fridge is rotten, regular cleaning can prevent your refrigerator from smelling like something died in it. 

Cleaning your fridge all the time might be a hassle especially if you have a busy schedule but if you follow these three rules, your fridge will remain clean without taking hours to clean.

The Benefits: 
Cleaning the refrigerator regularly helps manage storage space instead of having unnecessary clutter in your fridge. Also cleaning your refrigerator also decreases the chances of accidental food poisoning by getting rid of spoil food. Regularly checking the expiration date of your food reduces the smell orders and bacteria in your fridge.

Daily To-Dos:
Check for spoiled items, and if you do spot it, trash it immediately. Wipe up and spills or leaks from jars and other food. 
Weekly To Dos:
Wipe down the fridge with a damp cloth to ensure the fridge is always clean of any bacteria and germs. (Doors, tops, sides, and handles)
Seasonally To-Dos:
Deep clean your fridge by taking out all of the foods and placing them in the cooler to ensure it remains cold. Take out all of your drawer slides and glass shelves and wash them. Remember to always avoid scented soaps when cleaning your refrigerator.

Hope you enjoyed our blog! Make sure to regularly clean your refrigerator to avoid any complications. If you have any other tips to share please leave a comment down below and share to others. For more tips and tricks check us out at

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